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Data Download
  • when using Microsoft Internet Explorer it might occur, that you aren't able to download the requested files. To solve this proble please update to a newer version of IE.
  • To download the data shown in the tables please click on 'Download Data' in the main menu in the left. It is possible to open the downloaded file in Excel.
  • To download the complete report as pdf, please click on 'PDF-Report'.
  • Please be patient, this might take a minute as the report will be generated completely from scratch in order to keep it always up-to-date.
About the Data
  • Provides definitions and publishing cycles and other useful information. For any further questions we are pleased to help.
  • will inform you about changes updates, new features, new data, etc
Define Own Query
  • Here it is possible to create a query giving results for several cities and year at once
  • In order to select more than one city, please hold down the ctrl-key (ctrl, strg, Apple)
  • secondly you can choose between different variables, which are orderd according to internal structures, but more or less thematically
  • after clicking Submit your browser will show a table. In order to download this data please save the page as html file and open it in Excel. Voila here is a table you can post-process to your own demand.