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Industrial & Logistics: Lease Probability and Vacancy Development for Flensburg
Lease Probability  better chance
Flensburg 0 = 
ø D-Cities 0.0
Vacancy Development  less vacancies
Flensburg 0 = 
ø D-Cities 0.0
The Logistics Market in the Region
<p>Flensburg is not part of any nationally relevant logistics market region and does not have a dedicated logistics infrastructure. The average rent for production warehouses in Flensburg is EUR 3.4/sqm and the prime rent is EUR 4.4/sqm, while service space commands a prime rent of EUR 4.7/sqm and a prime rent of EUR 5.4/sqm. The average yield for logistics properties in Flensburg is quoted at 7.7 per cent and the prime yield at 6.4 per cent. Existing properties that were completed more than 3 years ago are mostly regionally orientated, with Denmark often playing an important role as a destination.</p>
December 2023

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