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RIWIS Bruttowertschöpfung

    Gross Value Added by Industries 2019: Flensburg - WZ08/2014
 Agriculture, Forestry and FishingIndustry incl. EnergyServicesServices: Trade and TransportServices: Financial, Renting and Business ActivitiesGVA per Employee in Euro
Flensburg0.0 %21.1 %78.9 %23.0 %20.8 %56,276
Schleswig-Holstein Nord (RO-Region)2.7 %21.9 %75.3 %20.8 %23.5 %57,542
Schleswig-Holstein1.5 %25.4 %73.1 %22.3 %23.3 %61,992
Germany0.8 %29.7 %69.5 %21.1 %25.9 %68,616
    Gross Value Added in Million Euro: Flensburg - WZ08/2014
Million €2013201420152016201720182019Δ 14-19
Flensburg2,8382,8663,0293,1123,3243,3643,47521.3 %