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    Number of Households (base BBSR*): Flensburg  
 201520162017201820192020Δ 15-20
Flensburg46,70847,51748,37149,17849,54149,6876.4 %
Schleswig-Holstein Nord (RO-Region)226,210228,913230,854232,862234,527236,4524.5 %
Schleswig-Holstein1,432,1861,448,0221,457,2261,464,3511,472,1211,480,3663.4 %
Germany41,467,08041,779,66442,063,68042,320,50442,527,76042,643,5002.8 %
    Household Structure 2020: Flensburg
Share of Households with ... person(s)OneTwoThreeFour and moreØ Persons per Household
Flensburg42.1 %42.5 %7.6 %7.8 %1.8
Schleswig-Holstein Nord (RO-Region)39.3 %40.1 %9.7 %11.0 %1.9
Schleswig-Holstein40.0 %38.0 %10.6 %11.4 %2.0
Germany41.6 %36.2 %11.0 %11.1 %2.0