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RIWIS Transaktionen

    Officially Recorded Sales (as per Gutachterausschuss): Flensburg  
 2015201620172018201920202021Ø 16-21
All Transactions incl. Non-Residential Sales
total number of sales1,1811,101987967965855904963
total volume of sales in million Euro338.0291.0267.0380.3267.0276.9461.6324.0
total area of sales in 1,000 sqm1,070.01,500.0710.0680.0630.0716.01,193.0904.8
Developed Land for Residential Use
number of sales410365346473470370449412
volume of sales in million Euro185.5102.5101.4154.1161.5132.0311.3160.5
o/o Apartments as Shared Freehold
number of sales462415439375423357333390
volume of sales in million Euro53.855.764.554.876.661.868.463.6