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Thematic Maps
  Average Office Rent
  Office Employment
  Share of Main Industries

  Supply Index Food-Stores
  Supply Index Discounter
  Supply Index Supermarkets
  Purchasing Power Index

  Rents Existing Apts
  Existing Apts Change
  Rents New Apts
  New Apts Change
  Price Existing o/o Apts
  Price Change (Exist.)
  Price New o/o Apts
  Price Change (New)
  Market Activity
  Market Balance

 Housing Need
  Housing Need - Coverage
  Housing Need - Absolute
  Housing Need - Relative
  Backlog Demand
  Substitutional Demand
  Additional Demand
  Dominant Demand

  Affordability Index, Prices
  Afford. Idx Change, Prices
  Affordability Index, Rents
  Afford. Idx Change, Rents

  Resi Completions
  Completions Multi-Family

  Population Change
  Population Density
  Natural Pop. Change
  Spatial Pop. Change
  Population Forecast 2025
  Population Forecast 2030
  Child Dependency Ratio
  Aged Dependency Ratio

  Unemployment Rate
  GDP per Employee
  GVA per Employee
  SVP Employment
  Purchasing Power Index

 Census 2011
  Resi Vacancy
  Ø Living Space
  Post 2000 Constr.
  Pre 1919 Constr.