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Hotels & Tourism

Accommodation Statistics
The number of overnight stays and arrivals are annual sums, whereas the number of bedspaces are given for a certain reporting date, usually as at 31.07.
Some Länder give numbers for a different reporting date:
  • Rhineland-Palatinate - April
  • Bavaria - June
  • Saarland - until 1991, December
  • Hesse - annual average number
  • Schleswig-Holstein - as at 01.07.

In this statistics tourist accommodations are split into three major groups:

  • Hotels, Hotel garni, Guesthouses, Inns, Bed & Breakfast
  • Holiday Homes, Youth Hostels, Holiday Centres, Group Accommodation
  • Health Resorts, Rehabilitation Centres
These establishment must provide accommodation for at least 8 people at the same time for a limited time, and can be run as main business or additional business or even on a private basis. Camp Sites are not regarded as tourist establishments here.
Bedspaces are defined as the number of beds and other forms of accommodation in tourist establishments, open at that time.
Overnight Stays are defined as the total number of nights of all persons staying in tourist accommodation in one year.
Arrivals is the sum of persons staying in tourist accommodations in one year.
Average Length of Stay is calculated by dividing overnight stays and arrivals, and is given in days.
Average Utilisation is calculated by dividing actual overnight stays by the number of beds multiplied by 365 (which gives a theoretical number of possible stays, neglecting varying seasonal supply).

Detail Information on Selected Hotels
Listed are mainly operator managed hotels with three or more stars. Classification is mostly according to Varta, additionally the operators own classification is given in the column named 'Trademark, Name (Stars)'

annual sum, as at reporting date

Statistische Landesämter, own research by bulwiengesa AG