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Identify correlations quicker - with the help of data at all levels

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Be Faster and More Precise.
When managing a portfolio, RIWIS is your radar screen for economic trends and market volatility. Identify potential at early stages.

For Investors

Basis for decision-making in record time.
With RIWIS you immediatly get the most comprehensive data, precise comparisons, additional insights, maximum expertise, and all ready for presentation to committees and decision makers.

For Researchers

Risks of your portfolio always on the screen.
Safeguard Loan and Credit Valuation. RIWIS is independent and supports with the most comprehensive, objective data - plausible and consistent.

For Financing

Keeping an Eye on the Market.
RIWIS combines knowledge and findings of current market developments and the relevant competition. Comparables (lease contracts and sale transactions) and property pipelines provide information on the rental potential and the risks of current new developments. This enables you to identify potentials and risks for your own properties or your entire portfolio.

For Asset, Portfolio or Risk Manager

Be Faster and More Precise with RIWIS.
Well informed in Every Investment Phase.

Market Entry
Market Opportunities
Market Trend
Property Development
Transaction Management
Risk Management, Reporting
Asset/Portfolio Management

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  • Three Clicks to Reliable Facts
  • All relevant data and facts in one application.
  • Benchmarks, Property Details and Locations at a Glance
  • Multidimensional comparability
  • Interactive, thematic maps
  • Anytime and anywhere, ready for presentation

The new RIWIS

RIWIS Market Experts

As part of the annual market data survey, real estate market experts from all over Germany support us with their local expertise. For us, this is another key element in recognizing market developments and anticipating future trends. A valuable contribution to more transparency for the real estate industry.

Would you also like to become a RIWIS market expert? Then we would be pleased to hear from you at service@riwis.de. As a RIWIS market expert you will receive a free RIWIS license for your city.

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