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    Census Results 2011 compared to pre-census national statistics (Destatis): Flensburg
 CensusDestatis Difference
in %
Populations & Demography
Population, total82,25889,357-7,099-7.9
  German Nationality77,140   
  Foreign Nationality5,120   
  Age under 1812,15013,426-1,276-9.5
  Age 18-2915,64016,808-1,168-6.9
  Age 30-4922,13024,442-2,312-9.5
  Age 50-6415,56017,084-1,524-8.9
  Age 65 and above16,77017,597-827-4.7
Buildings with Residential Space
Buildings, total number16,870   
Residential Buildings, excluding residential establishments (Wohnheime)16,30716,334-27-0.2
Other Buildings with residential space522   
Residential Establishments (Wohnheime)38   
other occupied spaces3   
Residential Buildings with mainly owner-occupied apartments1,187   
Share of Buildings with mainly o/o apartments7.3   
Share of Buildings, construction, pre 191913.3   
Share of Buildinsg, construction 1950-199630.5   
Share of Buildings, construction post 200012.7   
Residential Dwellings
Total Number of Dwellings49,11048,1091,0012.1
Number od Dwellings in Residential Buildings, excluding residential establishments (Wohnheime)47,22146,8263950.8
Number of Dwellings in non-residential buildings1,3401,283574.4
Number of Dwellings in residential establishments (Wohnheime)546   
Number of Dwellings in unoccupied spaces3   
Number of Owner-Occupied Dwellings12,835   
Number of Rented Dwellings32,830   
Number of Vacant Dwellings1,305   
Share of owner-occupied dwellings28.1   
Share of vacant dwellings, vacancy rate2.8   
Avg living space per dwelling77.976.31.62.1
Avg number of rooms per dwelling3.83.9-0.1-2.6
Number of Dwellings in Buildings with mainly o/o apartments8,687   
Share of dwellings in buildings with mainly o/o apartments18.4   
Share of dwellings constructed pre 191921.7   
Share of dwellings constructed 1950-196933.8   
Share of dwellings constructed post 20006.7   
other types of buildings with residential space
Family Homes, (detached, semi-detached or terraced houses)10,46010,753-293-2.7
Share of Family-Homes64.165.8-1.7-2.6
Family-Home as Detached House5,442   
Share of Detached Houses33.4   
Residential Buildings, in municipal ownership or owned by public authorities7   
Share of Buildings of public and municipal ownership0.0   
Residential Buildings with District Heating14,908   
Share of Buildings with District Heating91.4   
Buildings with Stove Heating134   
Share of Buildings with Stove Heating0.8   
other types of residential dwellings
Number of Dwellings in Buildings owned by public authorities47   
Share of Dellings in Buildings of public ownership0.1   
Number of Dellings with District Heating42,907   
Share of Dwellings with District Heating90.9   
Number of Dwellings with Stove Heating207   
Share of Dwellings with Stove Heating0.4   
Number of Dwellings without Bath and WC64   
Share of dwellings without Bath and WC0.1   

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