Property Market Data

Property Market Data

RIWIS is the Property and Real Estate Market Information Service providing data, and also analyses and background knowledge.

For many years now, decision-makers have placed their trust in the comprehensive and reliable indicators provided by RIWIS covering the main property sectors, regionalised and nation wide, with time series from 1990.

RIWIS saves time, increases transparency and enhances quality.

25 Years = Four Maket Cycles

Over 10 Million Data Points for more than 100.000 Properties

More than 240 Variables from over 30 Sources

50 Professional Researchers and a Broad Network

Our Service:
competent, fast, tailormade

Data Service

Market data availability, as and when required? Comparables, reports and comprehensive tables of information? We're there to help - swift, pinpointed and reliable.

RIWIS online

All data from one single tool - available everywhere 24/7. RIWIS online provides you with all relevant key data, interactive analyses, graphics and illustrative maps.


Complex enquiry or special topics? Whether it's standard information or individual thematics - our team is happy to provide advice and support.

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Supports any Investment Phase

Market Entry • Chance • Situation • Sale • Marktfolge • Risk Management/Reporting • • Competition • Market Trends • Purchase • Property Development • Asset- /Portfolio Management • Marketing
For All Sectors, i.e.

Supports any Investment Phase

For All Sectors, i.e.


Utilization of RIWIS

Market and Location Profile

Tailored location reports provide information on the overall conditions and the market situation in the vicinity of the property. They serve to supply data and assist with forming opinions and making decisions - the quicker and more finely tuned the better.

Enter the address, select use type(s) and create a tailored report - RIWIS offers you support when inspecting the location and gathering information. In addition to the standard reports, we can also create your own individual data sheet. It's made for you!

"Mit Hilfe umfangreicher Marktinformationen unterstützt RIWIS bei der Analyse aktueller Situationen und Trends auf Markt- und Standortebene."

Warburg HIH


Anyone involved with portfolios requires overview and perspectives. How much scope offers the market? What action is required and where? And keeping track of it.

With the help of the provided market information, RIWIS offers support in the assessment of current location conditions and market trends. Potential opportunities and risks can be analysed and identified for the entire portfolio, selected sub-portfolios and clusters - right down to individual property level. How's your portfolio doing?

"As part of a large portfolio transaction, we have been able to use bulwiengesa/RIWIS to create a plausible and successful valuation for each and every property. Quick access to information and the combination of rental price data, location quality and overall conditions are the principal drivers of plausible and consistent valuations. "

Wertgrund Immobilien AG


Investments can be monitored, irrespective of whether this is required by supervisory law or internal procedures.

In the case of real estate investments, the review of the market situation and its development plays a critical role - in particular when looking to make investments or when the book values of the proprties in the existing portfolio are monitored as part of the risk management procedure.

RIWIS offers a broad spectrum of benchmarks for the purpose of risk management during all market and project phases - on a regional basis and for all principal use types and market sectors.

"Finanzierungsentscheidungen müssen auf einer fundierten Basis stehen. RIWIS bietet uns dafür seit Jahren verlässliche Fakten. Auch bei individuellen Fragen gibt es schnelle und kompetente Unterstützung."

Ostsächsische Sparkasse Dresden

Properties & Deals

At the end of the day, it's the property that matters, whether single or portfolio! Our research concentrates on the properties and their values in all life-cycles. We start with developments right through to eventual demolition. In addition to analysing transactions, we are also interested in the use types, tenants and rental levels.

Our property data base comprises of all information required for the assessment, evaluation , and valuation. With RIWIS you have access to:

  • Investments and Lettings
  • Pipelines and Development Plannings
  • Tenant Mix for Retail Centers

"RIWIS bietet uns mit Marktdaten und Comparables die bestmögliche Markttransparenz für die Immobilienbewertung. Insbesondere die Details zu Mietern und Mieten helfen, exakte Ableitungen vornehmen zu können."

bulwiengesa appraisal

What can we do for you?

The RIWIS Universe

Discover what RIWIS provides in this Interactive Overview


  • Rents
  • Yields
  • Multiplier
Market Volumen
  • Stock
  • Completions
  • Take-Up
  • Vacancy
  • Building Activity
  • Deals
  • Lettings
  • Portfolios
  • Constructions
  • Plannings
  • Modernisatinos
Retail Centers
  • Prime Pitch
  • Retail Parks
  • Shopping-Center
  • German Property Index
  • Property Market Index
  • Scoring
Special Topics
  • Housing Demand Analysis
  • Affordability Index
  • ...


Functional Regions
  • Residential Arean
  • Office Areas
  • Retail Areas
  • Logistics Areas
  • Industrial Areas
  • Public Transport Access
  • Food-Store Supply
  • Drive-Time-Radius Analysis
Micro Location
  • Building Structure
  • Population Density
  • Purchasing Power
  • ...


  • Inhabitants
  • Households
  • Migrations
  • Commuter
Consumer Behaviour
  • Consumer Spendings
  • Centrality
  • Age Groups
  • Income


  • GDP
  • Gross Value Added
  • Inflation
Labour Market
  • Unemployment
  • Socially-Secured Employment
  • Office Employment
  • Industries
  • Businesses by Size
  • ...

Get to Konw the Market - easy, fast, unlimited: RIWIS online

RIWIS online is open 24/7 and provides you and your team with objective market knowledge.
Irrespective of when and where you require professional information, RIWIS online delivers a wide range of key data, illustrative maps, property information and much more. All contents are up-to-date, transparent, comprehensible, meaningfully presented and directly accessible.

Offline Pack

The future of real estate consultancy is assured with our online tool providing overviews and fresh insights.

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Produce Data

Our Interpretation of market research is an interdisciplinary collaborative teamwork

The combination of classic news reporting and data research and the regular exchange of information with local players ensure plausible and objective results. Regional structures and developments will be identified and followed.

All information is analysed and evaluated with the help of efficient and adequate tools and scientific methods. We make our own deductions with regard to market data on the basis of the available information and facts, forecasts, indices, scores etc. Our core principles are based on plausibility and transparency.

We continually evaluate technical and methodical innovations and additional data sources. Furthermore we want to continue to make improvements in transparency and granularity of real estate markets in future.

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